What is The Specksynder Magazine?

The Specksynder? What the hell does that mean?

I can imagine that this question and a lot of others are probably playing around in your mind as you read this.

What, perhaps, is more important is what the word could mean.

I like to think it sounds like a mispronounced optician, or maybe some kind of coal, but I’ll leave other suggestions up to you.

What the word actually means is very relevant to this little magazine.

It’s called The Specksynder because the stories, articles and writings in it are lean and without anything superfluous.

They may be brief and short but we at The Specksynder feel that they have something that some longer stories lack, and that’s intensity and emotional power.

So maybe that’s what The Specksynder means; it’s what it stands for.

Or maybe it’s some other reason.

One thing we do know, however, is that it is packed full with interesting stories, poltical, sociological and philosophical articles and nature writings.

The Specksynder is written in the city, but it’s roots reach further than just city writing.

The Specksynder is for people who don’t just want the usual complaints and finger-pointing in the articles they read, but who want a more nuanced and thoughtful approach to debates and discussions.


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